You've made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running with your web project as quickly as possible.

Whether you need Open Source Web Application Development services, assistance with your Technical Communications projects, or Project Management support services;  we're here to help. We can have any open source Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or other Web Content Management System (WCMS) based project, including headless systems up and running in record time.

Any of these features are available to your projects through the Metro InfoDesign end-to-end service array:

  • Content Authoring – Drafting and publishing content is intuitive and non-technical.
  • Rich Text Editor – Formatting content is straightforward and painless.
  • Versioning – Keep track of incrementally changing versions of the same content.
  • Plugins/Widgets/Apps – Available gadgets and modules suit the needs of your site and are easily incorporated onto the page.
  • Approval Process – Can easily institute an approval routing process between authors and editors.
  • Content Queue – Easily schedule content to be published at a certain time and in a certain order.
  • Asset Management – System allows the storage and management of rich media files.
  • Internal Search – Able to search your content based on keyword, metadata, tags, etc.
  • Content Repository – Content—both published and yet-to-be published—can be intuitively managed, edited, tagged, approved, and stored.
  • Plenty of web content management products have started offering additional features aside from the typical functionality expected. There is plenty of variation within WCMS products, and these are examples of a few of the features we're prepared to deploy for you.
  • Prebuilt Templates – The software provides a wide breadth of free or purchasable site templates that are attractive and suited to your web pages' needs.
  • Mobile Templates – Effective mobile templates are available and easily customizable.
  • Branding/Themes – Consistent design elements across sites (including personalized brand components) unites web pages into a coherent online presence.
  • Customization – The visual appearance of web pages can be easily customized to fit your site’s needs.
  • User Community – The system has a large and interactive community of users.
  • SEO – Pagination, page headers and titles, meta tags, and URL structure all contribute to site SEO.
  • Flexible Navigation Structures – Users are able to build out different and multiple taxonomies to store and index content.
  • User Access and Permissions – The ability to grant access to select data, features, objects, etc., is based on the users, user role, groups, etc.
  • Internationalization – Enables users to view and interact with the same content in multiple languages.
  • Dashboard and Reports – Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards.
  • Application Programming Interface (API)/Integrations – This specifies how the application communicates with other software. APIs typically enable integration of data, logic, objects, etc., with other software applications.
  • Enterprise Scalability – Provides features to allow scaling for large organizations or an expansive web presence.


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Friday, June 9, 2023

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