The DEMRI project has recently released a new array of wed-based technology resources based on state-of-the-art Open Source technologies. The new Knowledge Environment (KE) supports Educational projects, Community Building/Development, along with cultural development projects. Features of the new resources include collaborative development tools, blogs, forums along with educational resources and employs a user-driven content model with full publishing and peer review processes.

Los Angeles, CA June 17, 2023 -- The goal is to support the growth, development, and advancement of people of black, African descent through the provision of knowledge, information and open access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources.

The name DEMRI stands for Development Establishment Maintenance and Refinement Institute. The DEMRI is a publicly supported entity working to develop, collect, and publish the best information and resources on education, culture, community development, policy, practice and research. The DEMRI site is a user-driven, international community where Collaboration and Open Knowledge Sharing are core concepts…

The organization is striving to offer thousands of online documents to its users. The DEMRI will maintain an ever-growing collection of summarized, and full-text, online documents selected from more than 2,300 different publishers. All documents will be available free of charge!

Resource Guides:
Subject-focused guides will offer quick access to key documents, organizations, research themes, discussions and other key resources.

DEMRI email news services will bring the latest findings, developments and research to your e-mail-inbox on over (20) topics.


The DEMRI site collects news from newsfeeds around the world, including meaningful Blog and Forum output. Users will soon be able to access relative news on issues facing black communities. If you use an RSS news reader, you can add the DEMRI site aggregated newsfeed to your website or desktop news reader for the latest site information on over (20) topics.

User Profiles:
Registered users have access to full-featured user profiles

  • DEMRI users can control Forum settings, submit news, event information, content articles, and create public and personal blogs
  • Start a forum discussion on any Blog article in the forums with one click
  • Make connections and network with other users with similar interests (don't mistake this for another singles site this is a serious environment for agents of change
  • Track all content, blog, and forum submissions right from your profile
  •  Enable a photo in profile
  •  Download important resource documents and files from the download area
  •  Submit web site links so other users can find important resources.

Users will soon be able to create custom, high quality slideshows to present important messages and media content.

Registered users submitting quality content, news, opinions, and event information will get top exposure because the DEMRI stands alone in its category through the utilization of the latest Open Source Content Management System(s).

The main DEMRI: ( ) website is currently the lead site in a family of three (3) web-based resources under development to support the growth and advancement of black communities. The DEMRI family of sites collectively provides a comprehensive array of knowledge services. There is an “Open Call” page to learn how you can contribute to the richness of the project…

They also maintain a new, and separate interactive, resource FAQ system at that main site - the DEMRI : . This is a newly established communications resource (platform) where interested parties can express themselves and voice their opinions. The DEMRI Resouce is a full-featured communications resource, as with all DEMRI assets. "We know that our people have much to express and articulate, so we're making sure all the tools are in place", the Director stated.

"We are a new resource, and everyone within our diaspora is invited to visit, and join us as we evolve into one of the Hub institutions for web-based resources supporting black communities. We are dedicated to remaining true to our mission and purpose and will not become over-commercialized. Our maintenance and content management procedures totally eliminate the potential disease of Link-Rot, which has become an epidemic among some black resource sites were links take you to dead ends…" the DEMRI Communications Manager also added.

"You can e-mail any page on our site with just (2) clicks! All of our content pages can also be transformed into PDF format and are printer friendly."

Metro InfoDesign: the web design firm responsible for developing and maintaining the resources stated they fully support the project and have even more functionality and integration planned in the weeks to come - ( ).


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Saturday, June 17, 2023

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